During this interview, Major General Simeon Trombitas, Retired, shares his experience as a leader in the U.S. Army. Specifically, his view on effective leadership:

  • How soldiers are trained to be effective troops and leaders.
  • How troops assimilate to the culture.
  • What good leaders do.
  • Leading across subcultures.
  • The importance of effective communication.
  • How to overcome initial impressions and overlook biases.
  • Why bad leaders aren’t revealed by soldiers.
  • The requirement and importance of a second language.
  • How providing latitude results in peak performance.
  • The act of managing is imposing your will while leading is gaining acceptance and buy in to reach a common goal.
  • Advice for new soldiers.
  • How to learn more about the Green Beret Foundation: https://www.greenberetfoundation.org


Mary Trombitas

My passion is to guide people toward becoming their best version of a leader.

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