Jay and Doris started their business 40+ years ago.  They attribute much of their long-term success to the relationship they have with employees.  After working for a Fortune 500 company for several years, Jay wanted to create a culture which was different from the feel of a larger company.

Specifically, he felt strongly that his employees be treated by “name” rather than by “number.”  Jay and Doris are natural leaders who genuinely trust and appreciate their people.  They care about what their employees think, and often solicit their input and ideas as it relates to company operations, and providing referrals for new employees.   In keeping with their overall inclusive leadership style, Doris and Jay also share 25% of the company profits with their employees.

They share the philosophy that treating employees as they would investors is a win-win partnership.  Employees care as much about the company as do the owners – proactively managing costs, seeking new business opportunities, and showing a genuine appreciation for customers.


Mary Trombitas

My passion is to guide people toward becoming their best version of a leader.

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