This week I have the privilege to introduce our guest, Patrick (Pat) Perry. Pat is Chairman at ERC (, a Northeast Ohio based company which delivers HR resources, training, consulting, and coaching services. Pat is also the author of Re-shape, Re-define, Re-imagine ( which was published in 2016 and is now in its third print. In his book, he shares 61 stories and ideas that inspire people to “Re-Boot” professionally and personally. His second book is expected to be published around August 1, 2018.

Pat brings his energy and passion while willingly and enthusiastically sharing the values for which he has genuinely lived and led. Pat is the “real deal” as it relates to “Breaking the Cycle” as a leader, challenging so many areas related to the traditional approach to leading people. In fact, he has been doing for years what many leaders view as impossible. His dedication to people is so real, rest assure that you will be changed both personally and professionally after virtually meeting Pat.


Mary Trombitas

My passion is to guide people toward becoming their best version of a leader.

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