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Are you ready to Thrive In 2020? This event is certain to spark your aspirations and kick-start your personal and professional excitement for the coming year! Enjoy a morning of brief, passionate, and powerful presentations by our outstanding practitioners whose proven techniques will show you how you can genuinely thrive in a mindfully healthy personal and professional life. You are sure to be motivated by the experience - and by all the takeaways you can use to make 2020 a great year.

Is this event for you? Dare to think and do something different for yourself and your career!

  •  How have you been thinking about leadership in your life and career?
  • How can you relate your personal wellness and professional success to leadership?
  •  How are your health, your current work life, and your long-term career interconnected?

Want to Thrive in 2020? These key questions make all the difference if you want to deliberately create better health that can enhance both your life and career.

Thrive In 2020 is all about taking care of you and your mindset, about shifting your thoughts: from getting stuck in worry to being empowered through wonder and possibilities, from moments of gloom to real growth. Gain the clarity you need to thrive in your personal and professional health in 2020 — and to sustain your successes!

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Mary Trombitas

My passion is to guide people toward becoming their best version of a leader.

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