Question: What is one of the challenges you have experienced in leading and coaching others?

Helping people accept and use their natural leadership ability. I believe we all have leadership ability. Some of us choose to pursue a leadership role, while others don’t believe they have what it takes. It is my hope that the mindset of what a leader is, or should be, will be re-evaluated by those who do not believe they can be a leader. If they don’t know where to begin, adopting the HUMAN approach to leadership as described in my book — Honest, Unbiased, Motivating, Accountable, and Natural, is an excellent start toward pursuing this extremely rewarding journey.

Question: In the book, you state “Give yourself the time to connect with, and lead your people.” How do you walk that “tight rope” when there seems to not be enough time in your day for those “connections”?

Leaders have come to believe that there isn’t enough time to connect with others. Connecting and leading are inseparable. People want to follow those with whom they have a human connection. They want to know that they can depend and rely on their leader. Good connections can be brief. A simple phone call to tell someone you’re looking forward to seeing them at a meeting, or a brief stop to say hello, can forge great relationships. It’s the cumulative, small exchanges that matter most.

Question: During your book signings and lectures, what seems to be the most prevalent need of leaders today?

How to retain employees seems to be the single greatest concern of leaders today. When asked my opinion on how to retain people, I encourage them to begin establishing a relationship with their people by adopting the HUMAN leadership style.