The key to great leadership is simple. Know and be yourself, know and support your people, and know and drive great business results.  Rather than strive for perfection, strive for production.  Model the behavior and take the action you want to inspire in your team members. Now, more than ever, people are seeking leaders they can trust to lead them.  Let that leader be you.

In Break the Cycle, author Mary Trombitas shares her breadth of experience, and expresses how you can cultivate and develop your personal leadership traits. Discover the art of human leadership “HUMAN” — Honest, Unbiased, Motivating, Accountable, and Natural.  Know how to lead and when to follow.


Beverly Thomas Himes‎
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A must read for all! I particularly liked the comment, "To focus on who you should be is problem-focused; to focus on who you are is solution-focused. Problems keep us stuck in a rut; solutions offer a way forward.

    Beverly Thomas Himes‎ 
  • Mary, I bought the book as soon as Mary Cay sent out the email. Thank you!!! I truly enjoyed your presentation to our class, and learned a great deal listening to you and am excited to read and I am sure re-read your book. Congratulations on your publication, and I wish you a great deal of success with it!

    Diana Fernandes
  • Wow. I am very impressed!! I must say I teared up a little bit on the plane. Very well written and thank you for the acknowledgements in your book. I will share with you my favorite parts ASAP! Very proud of you and accomplishing your dreams and I really found the conveyance of your thoughts and ideas clear concise and impressive!!Michael Ludwig

  • Amazing book Mary. I couldn't put it down!!

    Sarah L. Davis, BA, BSW, SPHR, SHRM-SCP